It’s easy to slip into a comfortable pattern of wearing pjs all morning, adopting a minimalist grooming routine, and just hanging out in sweats or yoga pants all day when you are working at home during this COVID-19 crisis, but if you have a significant other that you truly care about, I suggest you make an effort to break it up a bit.

At least one night a week, make time for a date night. Plan a special meal together, get out those table linens and candle sticks, and dress up as if you were going out. Find some good tunes, and toast to life with an adult beverage. If you have little ones, send them to bed early. Seriously, you need to carve out some special adult time to preserve your relationship.

Now more than ever, you are each other’s lifeline. You need to be able to lift each other’s spirits and express your appreciation for being in a stable, loving relationship. Practice speaking each other’s love language, and don’t ignore the importance of physical intimacy.

If you were having a tough time before this whole crisis began, use this time as an opportunity to do some repair work and reconnect.  There are few reasons to be “too busy” during this pandemic to truly check in with your significant other.

While we weather this COVID-19 crisis, work on communicating openly and honestly with your significant other about your concerns, areas in your relationship that need attention and build a plan for moving forward once this is all behind us.  But also make time to have fun– dance together, play games, share jokes to make each other laugh, and enjoy a date night.  That is how you fell in love originally, isn’t it? Well, here’s a chance to fall in love all over again.

By Regina A. DeMeo