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The Law Office of Regina A. DeMeo cares tremendously about the health and wellbeing of its clients and their families.  With this in mind, we have decided to temporarily close the office through April 26th, however, we remain open for telephone consults and remote mediation options during this COVID-19 crisis.

Since 1998, Regina has helped families in transition address their legal issues related to custody, child support, alimony, and property division either through negotiated settlements or litigation. As of 2006, she has been offering alternate dispute resolution services including weekend mediation and Collaborative Divorce.

For over 20 years

Regina A. DeMeo has been helping families in MD and DC with custody and divorce issues either through mediation, litigation or advocacy. She is an alumna of Georgetown University and GW University Law School, who is nationally recognized as a top matrimonial attorney. She is frequently quoted in the media for her ideas to promote healthier relationships and featured in the Washington Post, ABA Journal and Bethesda Magazine for her care and commitment to her clients. As a legal commentator, she has appeared on Washington Post Express Facebook Live, ABC tv, Good Morning America, MMCTV, YouTube and Sirius XM, and has been quoted in various magazines, books and journals across the country.

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Flat-Fee Services

For clients that just need a 30 minute consult and have a clear idea of the terms their legal agreement will contain, this service of an initial meeting and draft contract can be provided on a flat-fee basis.  This only applies to Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements or Separation Agreements where the parties already have an understanding of the main issues, and there is no expectation of having contested issues.

Flat-Fee Prenups

For couples getting married in Maryland or DC, Regina can draft a prenuptial agreement to address property issues and alimony, or review an agreement that has already been prepared, within 5 business days after the client completes the required forms and schedules the 30 minute phone conference.  Payments can be made online, but consults must be scheduled at least 30 days prior to the wedding.

Flat-Fee Separation Agreements

This service is available for couples that have an understanding as to how they want to address all issues arising from their marriage, including (1) alimony, (2) child support, (3) custody and (4) property division.  After a one hour consultation, which includes an overview of the law and process, as well as the required court forms, a draft Agreement will be provided within 5 business days.

Flat-Fee Mediation

Families interested in working on a Parenting Plan, Custody or Separation Agreement outside of court using Regina as a neutral mediator can reserve in advance a 2-3 hour time slot for this service.  Weekend hours are available upon request.

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I am committed to providing stellar legal services at a reasonable price-point. Together with my clients, I strive to develop a legal strategy that works within their budgets tailored to meet their needs regarding a either a prenup or postnup, or separation/divorce cases involving child support, alimony, custody and/or property division. Flat-fee prenups and separation agreements are available upon request.

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