Since 1998, Regina has helped families in transition address their legal issues related to custody, child support, alimony, and property division either through negotiated settlements or litigation. As of 2006, she has been offering alternate dispute resolution services including weekend mediation and Collaborative Divorce.


An initial consult is the first step towards learning what a prenuptial agreement or separation and/or divorce case may look like for an individual.

In the first meeting, which is completely confidential, the client will learn about his/her rights and obligations arising from a marriage or having a child with another person. The standard issues I help people address are (1) property and debt division, (2) alimony, (3) child support and (4) child custody. In the consult, I review the various options for finalizing a prenuptial agreement or obtaining a separation/divorce. Ultimately, each client must chose his/her own path, and I then assist them with whatever option best suits that client’s goals.


Provide assistance to individuals either with negotiations or navigating the court process regarding child support, custody, alimony, property division, or any other issues arising from the marriage.


Parents that are planning to separate need to develop a Custody Agreement, which is also known as a Parenting Plan that address child support, legal custody and a time-sharing schedule that will promote the child’s best interest.


For couples that want to specify their joint property versus separate property, or how they will handle the payment of household bills and other liabilities while residing together, as well as in the event of a separation, there are various legal instruments to address their various concerns depending on their marital status, including Cohabitation Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements.