Having gone through a divorce herself, Regina understands that divorce is not just a legal process. It is a more an emotional journey with financial complications, parenting plans, asset division, and many other issues to be addressed. Regina is a compassionate divorce attorney based in Montgomery County, MD with over 25 years of experience in helping transitioning families navigate all the complexities stemming from either a merger or a separation. Her preference is to facilitate private negotiations and alternate dispute resolution with mediation while keeping court as the option of last resort.

She has won multiple accolades and has been recognized for her commitment to minimizing conflict with cost-effective separation agreements for couples. She focuses on keeping a compassionate approach for the involved parties while minimizing conflict and providing solutions as quickly as possible. Regina has significant experience in successfully helping families navigate the separation process by reaching mutually agreeable settlements with negotiations out of the court.

A Divorce Attorney Can Benefit Both Married and Unmarried Couples

In Maryland, for married couples, all assets acquired after marriage are considered marital property except for a few exceptions. The goal is to identify, value and equitably distribute the assets accumulated during the marriage, while taking into account a variety of factors including contributions each party made to the marriage. . Furthermore, if one party is economically dependent on the other, s/he may need spousal support or alimony. There is no formula for this in Maryland, but there are many factors that the court can consider in order to determine the appropriate amount and duration. In most cases, the parties reach a compromise on this issue through settlement discussions, otherwise the court can establish an appropriate amount after taking into account all the statutory factors, with a particular focus on one person’s need for support, the other party’s ability to pay, and the standard of living established during the marriage.

For unmarried couples who have been together for a significantly longer time, dividing assets is best done by consulting an experienced divorce lawyer. Although deciding to go their own separate ways does not require legal intervention, it is a good idea to consult a high-asset divorce lawyer if the involved parties have acquired considerable assets as shared property. Regina can help you resolve issues regarding property division, pet division, child custody, child support, and other matters.

Regina’s Client First Approach

Regina puts her clients’ needs first and having gone through the divorce process herself she has a better understanding of how to best handle the complexities of a divorce compassionately. She understands the emotional turmoil a divorce may bring, and realizes that it may hinder either party from focusing clearly on the real issues at hand or the possibilities for the future ahead. She carefully assesses each case and ensures that the divorce does not end up tearing down what has been built over the years. Regina focuses on minimizing conflict and ensuring solutions that are mutually beneficial while allowing families to transition as smoothly as possible.

Get guidance on both contested and uncontested divorce:

Contested Divorce

There are many things to be resolved during a divorce including parenting schedules, children’s education, legal custody, spousal support, child support, alimony, debt allocation, property distribution, and separation agreements. Regina is a highly recognized contested and uncontested divorce attorney, and helps clients smoothly navigate through the legalities of a divorce.

Divorce Mediation/ Collaborative Divorce

Regina’s priority is to help clients follow a mediated approach to finalize the divorce. She provides mediation services and is a renowned female divorce attorney, who ensures that the parties clearly understand their rights and obligations towards the family after divorce. Collaborative divorce allows both parties to resolve issues involving child custody, alimony, etc. without the difficult and costly litigation process. Regina is a highly recognized collaborative divorce lawyer that encourages clients to consider a divorce settlement out of court.

All aspects of the divorce are taken care of:

Separation Agreements

This involves ensuring the type of divorce settlement the clients would be willing to go for without the stress of litigation.As soon as there is a signed agreement in Maryland, a couple can immediately file for a Mutual Consent Divorce without any waiting period. Given how quickly this can be accomplished, it is especially important for clients with minor children to fully understand what the separation will look like for the children, and that an appropriate time sharing schedule is tailored to that family’s needs. .

Property Distribution

When the clients have not taken measures in advance to finalize a Prenuptial or Postnuptial agreement that protects their property interests in the event of a divorce, property distribution can be a daunting task. Regina’s extensive experience as a high-asset divorce lawyer helps her provide the best solutions for the distribution of all assets acquired during the marriage by all her clients. She focuses on creative solutions to obtain an equitable distribution that is fair and reasonable.

Debt Distribution

Often the most contentious issue in a divorce is the allocation of debt. Depending on the reasons it was incurred, and various other factors, the debt accumulated during a marriage must also be equitably distributed. It is important to look into all options for paying off these obligations as quickly as possible, and identifying all resources available to terminate any joint liabilities within a reasonable timeframe.


While there may be divorces without alimony, the ones that do involve alimony can be complex, especially because there are no mandatory alimony guidelines in MD or DC . There are many factors that are taken into considerations such the duration of the marriage, life-style established during the marriage, the ages and income levels of each party, whether there is a reasonable need for alimony that the other party can afford to pay, Alimony can often be a central point of disagreement, both in terms of amount and duration, and depending on the specific circumstances Regina can advise whether the appropriate action is to pursue a collaborative settlement or court intervention to reach a final resolution.

Child Custody/Support/ and Parenting Time

Child support is one of the most essential parts of a divorce involving minor children. Regina ensures that all negotiations keep the child’s best interests at the forefront. Child support calculations require many considerations, including the number of overnights, the incomes of both parents, the health care and child care costs, the number of children, and any recurring extraordinary medical expenses the children may incur (such as therapy). With respect to custody, geographic proximity and each parent’s ability to provide adequate care, as well as their ability to make shared decisions related to the child’s welfare, education, and medical issues are paramount considerations. This also includes how parents agree to decide upon visitation, share parenting times and the co-parenting methodology to be followed. Child custody is especially important for younger children, as the parent’s closeness to the child’s school and their relationship with the child is to be evaluated. Additionally, high-income spouses often must consider other factors and Regina is one of the best child custody lawyers in Bethesda to reach a mutual agreement without court intervention.

Get Help Navigating the New Divorce Laws in Maryland

As of October 1, 2023, Maryland has introduced significant changes to its divorce laws, making it a no-fault state. Couples can now file for divorce based on:

  • Six-month separation (even if they have continued to reside under the same roof)
  • Mutual consent with a signed agreement
  • Irreconcilable differences

The concept of a “limited divorce” has been abolished, leaving only absolute divorce, which legally terminates the marriage. While fault-based grounds for divorce have been eliminated, the court may still consider circumstances leading to the estrangement when determining alimony and property distribution. These changes aim to simplify and expedite the divorce process, making it more accessible to couples in Maryland. Consulting a divorce attorney is advisable to navigate the intricacies of the new laws.

Consult a Divorce Lawyer Who is Both Compassionate and Tenacious

Divorce is an extremely difficult time for both parties and more so if children are involved. Regina understands from personal experience that the process is more emotionally grueling than anything else. She is highly recognized in the Montgomery County area for facilitating mediation and alternate dispute resolution methods to reach an amicable resolution in divorce matters. Since 2006, when she was trained in mediation and the Collaborative Divorce Process her goal has been to minimize the time and costs of the process. Regina has 25 years of experience in helping her clients navigate through the transition process with and without the involvement of the court, and can help you reach the best possible resolution for your situation no matter the particular details of your case. Contact us today and take the next step toward a positive outcome.