Mediation and Collaborative Divorce techniques are used to promote settlements outside of court.  Alternative methods of dispute resolution help 85% of couples avoid a contested court case, thus minimizing legal fees.  Using joint experts when needed, such as child specialists, appraisers or valuation experts, is part of the Integrative Law approach that promotes the family’s overall well-being.

MEDIATION is where the parties jointly retain a neutral professional to facilitate the discussions necessary to address the major issues arising from a separation.  By gathering all the relevant information in an informal process, and working through the various options for a global solution in private sessions, couples can reach a confidential agreement regarding custody, child support, spousal support and/or property division.  The couple sets the pace of the meetings, which are paid for at the time of service and not in advance.

COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE is a process that involves both parties retaining individual counsel and agreeing to 4-way meetings, where everyone will work as a team to gather the necessary information and generate options for a solution that will promote the family’s overall well-being.  Everyone voluntarily agrees to this confidential and cooperative process, using joint experts as needed, where the couple sets the pace for the meetings, which are scheduled as needed until they reach a final agreement on all issues.

Online mediation is now available via Zoom, and is scheduled as a 2-hour session. This is an efficient option for couples seeking to resolve their issues outside of court in any county within Maryland.  As a neutral, Regina can help facilitate a discussion so the parties address the required issues for a global settlement in family cases involving a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, alimony, custody, child support, property division, debt, pets, finances, and insurance

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I am committed to providing stellar legal services at a reasonable price-point. Together with my clients, I strive to develop a legal strategy that works within their budgets tailored to meet their needs regarding a either a prenup or postnup, or separation/divorce cases involving child support, alimony, custody and/or property division. Flat-fee prenups and separation agreements are available upon request.

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