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Tackling Substance Abuse Issues During COVID

Regina DeMeo a top divorce attorney in Maryland and DC interviews Dr. Phoenix Adams and Josephine Tynes at Caron Treatment Centers, which has been working with recovery patients for over 60 years. They explain why there has been a rise in substance abuse during COVID, what treatment looks like, how one determines if there is an issue, and what the available options are for individuals and/or families at Caron. Problems with drug and alcohol impact the entire family, and it takes a team approach to heal.

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Maryland Family Law Attorneys Discuss The 7 Principles for a Just Divorce

Regina DeMeo, a top divorce attorney in Maryland and DC, interviews John Weaver about his new book, which emphasizes the importance of maintaining just principles throughout the divorce process. The complexity of alimony is explained, as well as the need to properly prepare for mediation and negotiations. Not allowing emotions to govern the approach is key, as well as making sure that the client's desired tactics align with the attorney's core values. Ultimately, the goal should be to obtain a fair outcome that protects the children.

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