Holidays can be bitter-sweet– sweet for those that are in a good place, bitter for those that are not.  Those in the latter category, who find themselves in an unhappy situation will dread the thought of spending another holiday in a miserable frame of mind.  When it becomes too much to bear, they will seek out advice.  This is why inevitably we see a spike in divorce consults around this time of year.

The next big wave comes right after the holidays, as people realize they just cannot keep the facade going anymore. If any of you are thinking of separating over the holidays, I highly recommend that you consult an attorney before you make any major changes. You should know your legal rights and obligations before you move out, raid the joint bank account, sign up for plastic surgery, etc. A consult is completely confidential and does not require a retainer. Typically, a client just pays for one hour of the attorney’s time, which can range from $200-500.

Clients should leave the consult with a road map of what lies ahead.  The legal process may take 12 months, the emotional side will probably take a lot longer.  While attorneys cannot guarantee outcomes in court, they can make certain predictions or at least give you a range in terms of what to expect regarding the main issues families need to address, including child support, alimony, property division and custody.   Odds are over 80% of couples will work these points out without having a contested hearing in court.

This post is not meant to provide you with legal advice, just information. By reading this post, we have not established an attorney-client relationship. But if you live in Maryland or DC and would like to set up a consult, please feel free to contact Regina DeMeo at