The last several years, I have had the distinct vantage point of crossing over two separate worlds– on alternating weekends I am surrounded by my happily married friends with children, then the next by single professionals in their 30′-50’s. As much fun as I have had with the latter group, I really have to thank the former one for keeping me grounded and sane.

As exciting as the whole dating game can be, it is not lost on me that the goal is in fact to find a life-long partner, and whenever I’ve found myself losing faith in that possibility, it is married friends that restore my faith in love and humanity.  It is these friends, who are truly reaping the joys of married life, that fill my heart with hope and help me remember the many benefits of being married.  Here are some of my favorites:

1. You do not have to face life’s challenges alone– you are part of a team;
2. You have a guaranteed date for weddings, galas, benefits, etc;
3. You can divide up the household chores;
4. You can plan trips, vacations, adventures together;
5. You can share in each other’s success, and that of your children;
6. You can problem-solve together and bounce ideas off each other;
7. You have a sympathetic ear you can count on;
8. Staying home with your spouse on a Saturday night is perfectly ok;
9. You don’t have to plan your own birthday party or get your own gifts; and
10. You never have to eat dinner alone, in silence.

We all know that marriage is hard– there is a great deal of work required to make sure the lines of communication remain open and that neither one takes the other for granted. The art of compromise, and finding common ground is the key to a successful marriage, and it definitely is not easy to do this, but the payoff is huge. Americans are clearly aware of this, and that is why 80% of us get married and give it our best shot.

I am so proud of all my friends that have taken this plunge, and are making the effort to establish a work/life balance that promotes a healthy family lifestyle. You guys rock– and if ever you want to hear a scary story about what it is like talking a walk on the other side, just give me a call, and I promise to talk you off the cliff!


By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.