Honestly, I don’t get it. So many people seem to be over-analyzing emails or texts from random individuals they have “met” on Match, EHarmony, Chemistry, Perfect Match, Plenty of Fish, or whatever other dating sites they are members of before they have even seen one another in person. This should not be that complicated people- these sites are just meant to increase your odds of meeting someone without destroying your liver. Instead of having to cruise all the bars waiting to meet someone, you can sit back in the comfort of your own home and scroll through the options provided via the internet. Once you find someone that peaks your interest, just set up a time to meet up.

I fail to see the point in numerous emails back and forth in the beginning. If I want your life story, I’d like to hear it in person. If you are lying about your age, height, weight, education, or whatever else, I’d prefer to figure that out in person. Let’s face it, guys can usually tell within 5 minutes in person if they like a girl; for women it may take a bit longer, but not much. Bottom line, as one friend told me quite bluntly a while back is that “10s don’t date 2s.” True– but maybe someone took a bad picture, or was having a bad day when they put together their profile, who knows? Rather than stay home tearing apart someone’s bio, or their emails and messages, just make a plan to meet in person and get the most important answer needed- is there a spark? If not, move on, and don’t take it personally. Just remember nothing ventured, nothing gained.