If there is one thing the Great Recession has taught us all, it is that there are no guarantees.
Because divorce does not discriminate, I have learned that plenty of people in a variety of fields including bankers, realtors, and sales people all mainly on commission as well as lawyers, doctors, therapists and other service providers, all relying on their clients to get paid, suffered major financial setbacks when the housing bubble burst and panic set in.

Job security is pretty much non-existent in this precarious economy, and this explains why we are seeing so many people stressed out and stretched thin financially these days. To add to these wows, the DC Area is a particularly tough place to call home. Many have moved here for job opportunities or to puruse a higher degree, and they have very little family support near by. Given the transient nature of this area, friends come and go, and so many people I know focus on work to the exclusion of so much else.  This leaves a very meager support network in place for someone when things go wrong.

Unfortunately, when you are not on your A-game, a lot of people don’t even want to contemplate dating.  And yet, isn’t there a lot to be said for someone who enjoys your company even when you are not at your best?  Indeed, a good partner is not just someone who will be with you for the fun times. We can all have fun during the honeymoon phase in a relationship, but to truly succeed in life, you need to be able to weather both highs and lows togethers.

Everyone is always happy when things are going splendidly, and who doesn’t want to be around the girl or guy who is the life of the party? But what happens when s#%t hits the fan? It will happen eventually, and what I like to find out sooner rather than later is what happens when I have an off day? How will that person react when I don’t meet their exact expectations? When plans fall apart- does your partner have a meltdown or help you come up with some alternative solutions? If you can’t count on someone on a low day, you really need to think carefully about the long-term potential of that relationship.

Inevitably, life will throw you some lemons every now and then.  And as one of my dear friends from high school recently pointed out, the best partners (and ones that last) are those that help you make lemonade out of lemons.


By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.