The first time I got married, I was in my 20’s, still in law school, no kids, and not much baggage. When we got engaged in Key Biscayne we were watching the sunset, and just at the moment that he asked me to marry him, a mosquito landed on his cheek. I was so focused on the mosquito that I actually missed the question and wound up slapping him. That is just one of many hilarious moments we shared throughout our 12 years together, and I truly think that it is because I can remember our good times so fondly that we are on such good terms today, despite having been divorced for over 7 years now.

In my post-divorce years, I’ve admittedly focused a tremendous amount on work and my son.   But, I’ve also tried to work through a lot of the emotional baggage and self doubt that resulted from my failed marriage.  In the process of facing my past, I could not ignore the one glaring unresolved issue of having an absentee father.  It is only in finding him, and my family, that I could finally find real peace.

My father’s best gift to me, whether he realizes it or not, has been to restore my faith in love. My family has shown me the power of forgiveness– in our case, it has completely transformed our lives, and through their acceptance, I’ve found redemption. They restored my capacity to love and laugh at life’s many twists and turns, and with them by my side, I see many bright days ahead– and perhaps a second chance at falling in love one day.