In December’s issue of the Washingtonian, the featured stories are all about marriage and making love last. Included in the issue is a list of the top DC divorce lawyers, and I am very grateful to once again be included among such great talent.  When some of my esteemed colleagues were asked to weigh in on what they think makes for a good partnership, Professor Krasnow’s advice was definitely my favorite “don’t walk down the aisle expecting perpetual bliss– that’s a ticket to divorce.” Here are my 5 tips for staying in sync:

1. Have fun together— Enjoy experiences together that create wonderful memories, not only do they act as a great glue, but they will help get you through tough times.

2. Don’t expect your partner to make you happy or complete you– we are each responsible for finding our own happiness and finding our own fulfillment in life.

3. Maintain open and honest communications— while doing so show each other empathy, attention and respect.

4. Pick your battles— Arguments are bound to arise, but fighting about everything is exhausting and will kill the fun in your relationship.  When you do fight (which is normal) avoid going to the dark side.

5. Forgive— No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Keep a score card with the rest of the world, but not your partner. Learn to let it go.

Marriage is hard work that never ends, but the payoff of having a loyal partner by your side is worth every effort. Life is full of challenges, and honestly, flying solo sucks. Even when all is good and you are at the top of your game it sucks– and I can tell you exactly why– because what is the point of getting to the top of Kilimanjaro if there is no one there with you to enjoy the view?

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.