New Years Eve, here we are again.  The last four decades, I’ve enjoyed this holiday in many wonderful places, including Barcelona, NYC’s Times Square, Boston, DC, and Miami.  Some have been very low key get-togethers, others have been very lavish parties, but I have to admit my favorite ones have always been the more low-key ones with close friends and family.

As many may later sit and look with a twinge of jealousy at a ton of wild pictures on FB or elsewhere that capture the various festivities through the night, let me clue you in to a little secret– there is no lonlier place on Earth than being in a room full of strangers that are judging you based on superficial crap.  Meanwhile, to be in a comfortable home surrounded by a select few that actually get you and love you just the way you are– now that is a rare gift.  This NYE, I will bask in the glory of that amazing gift, and I wish the same for all my friends, both new and old, that have helped make 2012 such a wonderful year.

For those still trying to come up with some NYE resolutions, here are a few of my favorite ones that may come in handy in 2013:

(1) Don’t sweat the little stuff.  In order to stay sane, you really need to pick your battles and remember that things happen for a reason.

(2) Find your own fun, and remember that we are responsible for our own happiness.  Many wise people have said that joy comes from connecting to 1) a greater cause; 2) a significant other and 3) yourself.  Make time for these three things.

(3) Be mindful– we cannot control what others do, but we can control our responses.  Life is about choices, and I choose not to let others drag me down.

(4) Seek balance– work is not everything in life.

(5) Stay positive– life is full of challenges, and there will be both ups and downs, but don’t dwell on the negative.  Positive thinking is what spurs positive energy.

(6) Embrace change– it is a fact of life, and to survive you need to be able to adapt.  As Ben Franklin said, “when you are finished changing, you are finished.”

(7) Face your fears– we all have them, it’s okay, but the reality is the only true limits are those we impose upon ourselves.

(8) Choose love– this one is my favorite.  It seems easy, but to truly let someone in and make yourself vulnerable is a scary proposition.  Many give up, they withdraw, or they build huge barriers all in the interest of protecting themselves– but these are self-defeating acts.  Only when you find the courage to truly be open will you discover love.

Whatever you decide to do tonight, and whatever your resolutions may be for 2013, I wish you all the best. Happy New Years Eve!!!