Six months ago, by total serendipity, I ran into Donna Vincent Roa at Starbucks one lovely afternoon.  She gave me a copy of her book, “The Ultimate To Do List When Your Loved One Dies.”
I’d never had a close family member die and thought it would make for a great tv segment.  What really struck me was how she emphasized that we needed to view funerals as a celebration of life ceremony.  I imagine it is a lot easier for us to view it this way when you have someone that has lived a very full life.  This is definitely the case with my grandmother, who died this weekend, just two months shy of her 98th birthday.

Little did I know how much calm Donna’s words would bring me this week, and hopefully she will be there with me in spirit as I do my best to celebrate my grandmother’s life with the eulogy this Saturday.

For anyone that will have to go through this, I highly recommend Donna’s book, and here is the segment we aired just a few months ago: