Let’s face it, after 15 years I’ve just about heard or seen it all as a divorce lawyer.  Unlike most in this town, I actually do know what goes on behind close doors.  You can talk to me about multiple affairs, threesomes, swinging, cross-dressing, whatever, it’s not going to make me blush at work.  I’ve learned to suspend all judgment and maybe even freed myself of some of that old Catholic guilt that I grew up with– but let’s be real, I know that my family reads this blog, and I’m not going to dish about my past exploits here, although I must give props to my Jerry Maguire (who had me at hello) and Christian Grey (who was much gentler than the version in 50 Shades of Grey) for broadening my horizons in my late 30s.

Nooners on the Hill really do happen, and many people in DC have a friend with benefits on speed dial.  Scenes like the ones in House of Cards really do occur on a regular basis here.  These are the facts of life, especially here in our nation’s capitol.  Again, I’m not here to pass judgment, but I do think we need to ask ourselves: where are we going to set the limits in our own lives?  Who cares what the rest are doing? Focus on what you yourself can live with or not.

For people in political office, however, there is an especially difficult burden that they must bear.  The lines between their personal and professional lives are extremely blurred.  They have chosen to be public figures, and that means someone will always be watching.  A life as a public servant is not an easy one, and these people will find themselves at a far greater risk of getting caught for their indiscretions.  Knowing this, I encourage those with political aspirations at the earliest age possible to start practicing discretion.  Watch what you post, what you share, what you tweet– keep your guard up at all times.  Control what you share, and beware of what your friends are sharing.

I think more and more people are adopting my attitude that we are really in no position to judge what someone else decides to do in the privacy of their own house– but I do think we continue to hold our politicians and celebrities to a higher standard.  Those that are taking on a position as a role model need to fly under the radar with their sexual escapades.  Americans seem to be gaining ground in their tolerance of varying sexual attitudes, but not with those in high-profile positions.  Of course, Weiner might prove me wrong…. let’s see how he does in NY.