Many of us have a type, but what happens when that “type” continually doesn’t work out for you?  Perhaps it is time to reassess things and broaden your horizons.  Generally, I would date older guys– not a lot older, but 4-6 years older, until last year.  Dating someone over a decade older clearly did not pan out, so now I’m starting to think maybe going in the opposite direction may be the way to go?  This is much more accepted these days than 20 years ago– just look at this week’s news: Tina Turner (age 73) tied the knot with Bach (age 57), resulting in nothing but joyful wishes– not a single scandalous remark.

Now, I am not saying I plan to follow in Tina’s footsteps, even though she is one cool and strong lady!  After surviving the whole Ike debacle, she’s continued to soar in her industry without ever looking back, and I hope she continues to serve as a shining example for other DV survivors out there. But I don’t mean to digress, this is about the benefits of dating younger guys.  So here are some of the positive points that I’ve come up with thus far:

1. Fewer power struggles– I can only hope that someone who has yet to experience certain things and is in an earlier phase in their career will not get into some stupid competition with an older woman, who is more established in her career and life, perhaps just by virtue of age, if not also greater opportunties.

2. More Energy– In general, energy diminishes with age, just as health issues tend to rise.  Some guys will suffer from low testosterone and decreased sex drives after 45, while their female counterparts may just be ramping up as their kids get older and are more self-sufficient.  Younger guys have a clear advantage here.

3. The Eye Candy Factor– Let’s face it, a lot of guys don’t age well.  They get beer bellies, lose some hair, and may even slack off at the gym because they are “too busy at work.”  Whatever- not to be superficial, but just as guys have expected women to keep it together for years, guess what?  We are now expecting the same from them, and yet no matter what your average 55 year old guy is just not going to have the same kind of body as a 35 year old.  If I’m a kid in candy store, really there is no contest here.

4. Better Life Perspective– Guys that are younger than me have been far more exposed to liberated women, and many have strong, successful mothers as role models.  They’ve also grown up in a time where our society is more open– it’s not weird to them at all that we have inter-racial couples and same sex marriages.  They are also much more comfortable with technology, and can bring a different and fresh perspective to conversations.

5. Open to Change– There is that saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks for a reason– the older you get, the more set in your ways.  But, if you go for someone younger, they tend to be more open to change, and that is an amazing asset in life, which constantly presents with new twists and turns.

I am sure I have missed some points, but as I mentioned in the beginning this is a whole new venture for me, and I’m still warming up to this concept.  In the past, I never even considered this option, but maybe Tina, Demi, J.Lo, and countless other savvy Hollywood hotties are onto something.  There is only one way to find out…

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.