Each person is going to have a different answer to this question, and a lot depends on your stage in life.  There is one stage, however, where I’ve definitely noticed a spike in the number of people seriously asking themselves about the end game– and it is right around that magical age of 40.

If the average life span in the U.S. is about 79, then it makes sense that at the half-way point we are going to start asking ourselves, “how will it end?”  This was the ongoing question in The Truman Show with Jim Carrey, and very much like the viewers of Truman in that movie, I am rooting for you to figure out and redefine your own reality.  While we may not know when it will end, we are definitely in control with how our stories will unfold.

My obsession with love at this point is quite apparent and common knowledge.  After studying families for 15 years, and helping clients minimize the downside of their divorce, I have collected enough sad love stories to last me a lifetime, so with the end-game in mind, I’ve spent the last several years sharing tips on how to actually make love last– that is the point of the children’s book, the blog, and the radio and tv shows.  While the legal practice remains my sole source of income, these other projects are my labors of love.

Tomorrow, I am about to start the new fall season of my weekly tv show, Making It Last.  The “it” is love– in all forms– as a parent, partner, adult child caring for an elderly parent, or founder of a non-profit.  There are now over 46 episodes online with 8 non-profits, over a dozen lawyers, and various mental health professionals.  All these segments with experts helping families tackle major issues are available online at www.mmctv.org and some of my favorites are on my YouTube channel.   The one about Emotional Thermometers is one of the most popular ones with over 150 views, and here is the link to that show:


I hope you will all tune in and share the links of the videos and blogs with friends and family.  Feel free to submit story ideas or nominate guests!  My email is: genxsmartie@gmail.com

Again just to recap, I have no idea what your end-game is, but I just want you to realize that you alone define your reality.  Find the power to tap into your inner strength, and use that to make your own love last!