Most of my friends are now in their 40s, some are even in their 50’s, and not a single one complains about his/her age.  Why?  Because they all love what they do, they enjoy their family and friends, and they maintain a positive attitude.  Does this mean that life is perfect?  Of course not, but we all have a common mantra– don’t let the setbacks or challenges of life drag you down.

A pyschologist friend of mine recently told me that a true friend is one that can celebrate with you when you succeed– putting aside any feelings of jealousy or envy.  Her theory is that anyone can step in to help you in a time of need, it might even serve as an ego boost for them to see that someone might have it worse than them.  I’d never thought about it this way, but she is so right!

Over the last 40 years, I have painstakingly picked friends that are brilliant go-getters and problem-solvers.  We feed off each other’s energy- but not in a negative sort of way.  And I’ve also looked up to a variety of female Hollywood stars that have not let their age at all detract from their sex appeal.  Why?  Because they are proving that you can still rock it in your 40’s, and so I owe a tremendous thanks to these amazing women for providing inspiration for the rest of us:

(1) Heidi Klum, age 40;
(2) Gwenyth Paltrow, age 41;
(3) Camreron Diaz, age 41;
(4) Sofia Vergara, age 41;
(5) Naomi Campbell, age 43;
(6) Jennifer Aniston, age 44;
(7) Catherine Zeta Jones, age 44;
(8) J.Lo, age 44;
(9) Julia Roberts, age 45;
(10) Sandra Bullocks, age 46;
(11) Halle Berry age 47;
(12) Selma Hyatt age 47;
(13)  Brooke Shields, age 48; and
(14) Courtney Cox, age 49.

Most of these women are moms and still have kick ass bodies– regardless of whatever work they may have had done, they still have to  exercise and eat right to keep themselves looking good, and juggle their own work-life balance issues under intense public scrutiny.  I for one give them tremendous credit for keeping it all together while looking so fabulous, and I think they prove a great point for all of us:  It can be done– you just have to want it.

I’m looking forward to a great decade ahead surrounded by the amazing company that I keep.  Through thick and thin, those that have withstood the test of time with me are all worth their weight in gold.  Here’s hoping the rest of you feel the same about the company you keep!