Last week we had a great discussion about Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In,” and how the struggle for work-life balance is not just a female issue, but actually a major issue that impacts everyone.  GenXers and those that have followed increasingly do not want to just make work their entire life, and as companies come to terms with the immense brain drain that occurs at the upper levels of management, we all need to take a hard look at what’s a realistic expectation with respect to billable hours, the importance of face-time in the office, and time management all while taking into account commitments outside of work.

I’m sure there is no doubt these days that I have enjoyed my legal career the past 15 years, but equally as important to me are the roles I play in society as a mother, sister, daughter, friend or partner.  Both my male and female peers all feel the same way– we want to do our best at work, but not at the expense of being a total failure in other equally important areas of our lives.  We all struggle with balance– finding time for ourselves, our families, and our greater community are not aspirational luxuries, they are a necessity to promoting a healthy life and stable society.

Later this month, I’m going to feature Working Mamas, which is a local DC group that helps women excel in their careers while still feeling fulfilled in their family lives.  Dealing with issues of guilt or resentment are quite common, and sadly we don’t talk about this enough.  So, here I go trying to change that, and I hope more will follow.  In the meantime, here is the clip to last week’s show:

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.