The past few years, I have been on an interesting journey, which involved finding my father, questioning my career choice, and revamping several of my personal relationships.  Talk about pursuing the road less traveled– let’s be real I went well way off course from the cookie-cutter path I was expected to follow.   And yet, I know without a doubt that I did exactly what I needed to do to get to where I need to be today, and I am so glad I questioned everything and anything I was ever taught.  Now, I’m betting more GenXers will do the same as we become increasingly aware that life is actually full of options and alternate realities.

After I finished my television project for “Making It Last” this spring, I went on an equestrian retreat to learn more about connecting and leading from your core.  Then, I unplugged from the Matrix this summer and went to Iceland. When I came back, I decided to celebrate my birthday by going on a challenging obstacle course that involved climbing various ladders high up into trees and zip lining through Rock Creek Park. Why?  Because I have found that I really dig challenging my reality.  But before you start testing your outer limits, I suggest digging deep within first, and the best way to do this is to follow these simple tips from “The Soul of Leadership” by Deepak Chopra:

1. Stop struggling.
2. Keep listening to your inner voice.
3. Meditate to reach your core.
4. Test your boundaries.
5. Remain centered.
6. Look beyond your personal beliefs.
7. Gather information from every source.
8.  Learn to have clear intentions.
9. Value inner peace.

I have to admit, I was originally afraid of turning 40– I thought that meant it would be all downhill from there. But instead I have discovered that life really becomes much more interesting after 40- it is totally what you make of it.  And going forward, I will remember this quote from Italo Magni, “if you talk with your head, you will speak to others’ heads.  If you talk with your heart, you will reach others’ hearts.  If you talk with your life, you are going to reach others’ lives.” It has been an amazing journey connecting with so many brilliant minds and caring hearts all these years, but now with whatever time remains, I want to focus on shaping lives.
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