So much of our fear stems from or is perpetuated by the stories we hear and the stories we tell ourselves. Breakup stories are some of the worst and most damaging. Seldom do we hear of a breakup that makes us think, “Wow! If only heartbreak had motivated me in that direction, then, I would have let go sooner and feared less for myself.” The reality is, these stories are out there. You just have to ask for them. 

For this Q&A series, that is exactly what I did. Over the following weeks, various creatives will get honest with themselves and the Mogul community about how their breakups landed them on top. 

You’ll be hearing from women who attribute their professional success to heartbreak and credit their breakup for being the catalyst for personal transformation and professional reinvention. 

My hope is that these stories will encourage new thinking and even comfort you, that they will help you fear less and love greater. And perhaps most importantly, my hope is that they will help you breakupward and focus on all that is possible for yourself. 

A divorced mom, who transformed her family law practice in the DC Area after her own divorce in 2005, Regina DeMeo, 44, of N. Bethesda, MD has gone on to become a top matrimonial attorney in DC and MD, where she has been helping couples with custody and divorce issues for over 17 years. 

In 2010, the Washington Post wrote an article about her post-divorce transformation, paving the way for her to become a top legal commentator and media regular. Now focused on growing her family law practice while working on her column “Love & Money” for Wealth Strategies Journal, Regina opens up to us next about how she rose to new heights in the wake of her divorce.