Severing ties is never easy, but once you realize things are not getting better and cannot continue the way they are, the next best thing to do is often to plan a peaceful and graceful exit. If you need help with this, aside from getting some legal advice maybe consider talking to a therapist or divorce coach to help with the unsettling emotions caused by all the change and loss that are inevitably part of the separation process.

Only about one-third of divorces are actually “angry,” and unfortunately those are the ones that wind up in court costing the family a ton of money.  Most opt for a more cooperative approach, which is far less expensive and also less stressful.  These couples express a commitment upfront to work on gathering and exchanging all the necessary information to discuss options for reaching a resolution on the legal issues involved in a divorce, including custody, alimony, child support, and/or property division.

Forward-thinking couples don’t try to place blame and re-hash the past. Rather, they focus on the legal issues that need to be addressed in order to part ways and move onward to a better place.  In mediation, these families are able to confidentially discuss their problems with the guidance of a neutral third-party that will assist them in tackling difficult decisions.  Here is a 2 minute video that explains the mediation process:

It is unfortunate that January is known as Divorce Month, but hopefully couples will take the time to learn about their options and chose a process that minimizes the financial and emotional toll for everyone involved.

By Regina A. DeMeo