It might be hard to imagine that we are talking about resuming travel this summer while COVID-19 continues to affect over 200 countries worldwide, but sooner or later non-essential travel will resume and the industry is doing its best to prepare for that inevitability.

For many, travel is an escape from reality. It’s a treat or reward after working hard for months, or a chance to commemorate a special event, like an anniversary or special birthday. Whether it is a romantic getaway, a family trip, or a chance to bond with a special group of friends, you want to make sure it all comes together without a hitch. This is why, now more than ever you really need to consider working with a travel planner, who is an experienced professional that is up to date on all the safety measures being taken at hotels around the world.

Travel planners are usually paid by the hotels and other service providers, not the person traveling. You give them an idea of what you want and a budget, and they do all the research for you, then come up with some proposals. They are also there in case anything goes wrong during the trip, and can help you make alternate plans if you get stranded as a result of a blizzard or something else comes up.

Traveler’s insurance is another thing that you really should look into especially while COVID-19 remains a concern. Read the policy carefully, but most will allow you to cancel or postpone a trip without incurring huge fees.

And for those engaged couples planning a honeymoon, think of this coronavirus trend of micro-weddings (which are under 50 guests) as a blessing. The less you spend on the big day, the more you can splurge on your week(s) away!

Here’s a great interview I recently did with my favorite travel agent, who works with many of my prenup clients, and has planned several of my family trips the past few years: