If you are a planner, someone that is goal driven and likes to have a clear plan of action, and/or like to feel like you are in control (at least in your own life) the past four months have undoubtedly thrown you a bit off kilter. This pandemic is limiting everyone’s ability to make plans, and work and finances for many are quite unpredictable right now. So, if you feel unsteady you can certainly take solace in knowing you are in very good company, but an even better course of action is to  find ways as minor as they may seem to restore some balance to your life.

1. Socialize– Humans are not meant to be alone.  Identify a few close family and friends to check in with you regularly.  Calls are not enough, so try to find a few that will do socially distant walks with you or small backyard gatherings.  I’ve found this has been a great source of joy even during the most difficult of weeks.

2. Exercise– It is important to get outside, breath some fresh air, and work out regularly.  Lately, despite not having access to a gym I’ve been walking 4 miles a day, doing yoga at least 3 days a week, and I even took up golf, which is a nice socially distant sport that I can continue to play much later in life.

3. Cook–  We all need to eat, and with limited dining out options, now is the perfect time to check out new recipes.  There are plenty of online cooking shows or classes. I did a virtual class this week with some friends via Zoom, and it was a blast.

4. Relax– It’s not healthy to deprive yourself of sleep and some down time. Make sure you stick to a good sleep schedule, and at least one hour before try to unplug and unwind by reading, writing in a journal, or just listening to music and trying some meditation.

5. Stay Positive– Focus on what you do have, practice daily gratitude and if helpful find mantras that will calm you.  Lately, one of mine has been this: I did not cause this pandemic, cannot cure it, and don’t control it.  This helps me let go and just accept that we need to ride out each day as best we can.

Hopefully these 5 tips will help you stay grounded during these unprecedented times, and carry you through whatever else happens long after these difficult times are behind us.   

By Regina A. DeMeo