Regina DeMeo is a top matrimonial attorney and mediator and has regularly appeared as a legal commentator on TV, radio, and print. For over 2 decades she has been helping families with a variety of legal issues. She joins Stacy Francis today to help listeners as she shares the secret ingredient to preserving family wealth, goodwill, and relationships.

Regina has noticed throughout the years that clients who are stuck in the past with feelings of anger, guilt, or remorse have a harder time moving through the divorce process.

People that use anger as a shield may feel that extending forgiveness will make them more susceptible to accepting a settlement that is less than what they deserve. Regina shares some insightful tips on this matter.

When going through the divorce process, you have the choice of either remaining in a state of victimhood, or finding a way to become a survivor by ensuring that you have financial and emotional support.

Regina shares her experience of how forgiveness played a huge role in her life. She talks about the journey of finding her father after he was absent for most of her life, and learning to forgive him.

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