Alimony & Spousal Support

Advice from an experienced family attorney is essential to understanding your rights and obligations with respect to this complicated issue of alimony. Learn more about alimony & spousal support in Charles County.

Child Support

In family law, child support typically is an ongoing payment made by one parent to the other for the benefit of a minor child following the end of a marriage or relationship, particularly when there is a difference in incomes and/or the time-sharing arrangement. Learn more about child support services in Charles County.

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Since 2006, as a mediator and collaborative divorce lawyer, she has assisted hundreds of clients address their legal issues. Learn more on Regina’s collaborative divorce services in Charles County.

Legal Custody

In family law, legal custody requires parents to develop a long term plan with respect to the welfare of their child, including medical care, education, and so much more. Learn more insights on legal custody services in Charles County.


Visitation is an archaic term, which has been replaced with the term time-sharing schedule. Learn more about visitation services in Charles County.

Marital Property

The division of assets accumulated during a marriage needs to be addressed in every divorce. Learn more about marital property services in Charles County.

Prenuptial Agreements

Before couples tie the knot, marital agreements can outline legally what will be defined as separate versus marital property. Learn more about prenuptial agreements in Charles County.

Postnuptial Agreements

Some couples are unable to finalize a prenuptial agreement before their wedding. Learn more about postnuptial agreements in Charles County.

Mediation Law

Mediation is an alternate dispute resolution process. Learn more about mediation law in Charles County.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a process that involves both parties retaining individual counsel and agreeing to 4-way meetings. Learn more about collaborative law services in Charles County

Advice on Family Law

Those needing advice on family law issues in the Charles County area should reach out to Regina. Learn more about Regina’s family law services in Charles County.

About Family Law

Family Law is the legal practice focusing on issues involving family relationships. Learn more about family law services in Charles County.

Divorce Attorney

If you are considering getting divorced then you should use a trained divorce attorney to help you handle the situation. Learn more about divorce attorney services in Charles County.

Advice on Divorce Law

If you’re facing a divorce, it can be extremely stressful. You want to protect yourself, your kids and your finances from unnecessary stress and financial hardship. Learn more advice on divorce law services in Charles County.

About Divorce Law

The goal of a divorce lawyer is to help you reach the best possible outcome for your case. You will want someone who has experience with all aspects of family law including child custody and property division. Learn more about divorce law services in Charles County.

Let Me Help You!

I am committed to providing stellar legal services at a reasonable price-point. Together with my clients, I strive to develop a legal strategy that works within their budgets tailored to meet their needs regarding a either a prenup or postnup, or separation/divorce cases involving child support, alimony, custody and/or property division. Flat-fee prenups and separation agreements are available upon request.

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