Last night, at Curve Appeal, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the hosts, Dr. Michael Cohen, who is the head of the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland. I shared with him my observation that despite the state of our economy, there seems to be a growing trend among my friends and clients, who are doing what I call a “divorce makeover.” He confirmed that he has seen the same trend– and not just among women.

For those that need an ego boost before they head back out into the dating world, a little liposuction, tummy tuck or breast augmentation may just be exactly what they need to get back in the game. Surprisingly, the recovery from these surgeries can be remarkably short– some women have breast surgery on a Thursday and are back to work on Monday. Guys are also getting in on the action wanting to reduce those beer guts and have chin implants for a more chisled look. Luckily for all, as technology has improved and supply of plastic surgeons has increased, prices for these procedures have become far more reasonable, and many surgical centers offer financing.

Some of Dr. Cohen’s patients, who were very open to discussing their surgical experiences, were models at the fashion show held by Sylene’s in Chevy Chase. Part of the proceeds from the evening’s event were donated to Living in Pink, which is a local breast cancer charity founded by Michele Conley, a breast cancer survivor. Stephen Hull, Editor of Bethesda Magazine, also helped host and publize the event, which a tremendous success.

Obviously, anyone contemplating surgery should make sure they research the right surgeon, and it would be helpful to check in with a mental health professional to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and that your expectations are realistic. Make sure you have the right support system around you right before and immediately following the surgery– and be prepared for some negative comments from those that just cannot understand why someone would undergo elective surgery.

The models I met last night still looked like real women, and they were beautiful. What struck me the most was how happy they were, because they felt great about themselves. I can understand how my divorce clients might want a little ego boost, and ultimately, I believe that if a little nip and tuck is going to put them in the right frame of mind to move forward and feel confident about themselves, then I say go for it!

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.