Given that Mother’s Day is just a few days away, I want to share a poem that I wrote for my son to help explain why motherhood itself is the best gift he could ever give me:

Because of you….

I don’t get to enjoy as many movies, restaurants or parties as I may like;

Because of you, my schedule is much more complicated; I have lost a lot of sleep; and exotic trips abroad have been on hold for the last few years;

Because of you, I have less money in the bank, and a lot more laundry and clean-up projects at home, but

Because of you…

I look forward to coming home; I’ve learned that money cannot buy happiness; and I am far more considerate of others;

Because of you these past few years, I have relished in the joy of being surrounded by children and their laughter, and I appreciate the simple things in life like cuddling while we read bedtime stories together;

Because of you, I have learned the importance of teaching young minds, and the true value in sacrificing for someone else;

Because of you, I have found the courage to face my fears, worked at becoming a better person and discovered true meaning in life;

You taught me about unconditional love by making me a mother, and so to you dear son, I am eternally grateful.

Love always,