Dating is supposed to be fun– it is an exercise in gathering information, but it should be entertaining. So, when is it time to call is quits? Here are some tell-tale signs you might want to bail:

1. When things you once found funny about that person are now annoying;
2. When making plans becomes a chore;
3. When you have lost interest in being intimate;
4. When your eyes start to wander, or worse;
5. When receiving texts, emails or calls becomes annoying, and you cannot bear to deal with responding;
6. When finding a gift for a special occassion becomes an overwhelming burden;
7. When that person has ceased to make you feel loved or special;
8. When you no longer care whether you connect or not;
9. When you have become two ships passing in the night, not even exchanging basic pleasantries; and
10. When you no longer like the person you have become in the relationship.

Break ups are never easy, but can you imagine living under the conditions described above? Many try to grin and bear it for a while until they finally hit a wall. Life is too short– if you don’t think there is hope for fixing the situation, I say you eject as soon as possible. If things are not working in the early stages, do not delude yourself into thinking it gets better over time. I have never seen it happen– NEVER.

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.