Traditionally, we have been taught not to talk about politics, religion or sex when we first meet someone– but if you are dating, those are probably the three areas you care about most. Don’t you want to know someone’s core beliefs sooner rather than later? I really don’t care very much where someone went to school or grew up– although I know that is the polite place to start. Really, how refreshing would it be to be able to just say- I’m a moderate in politics; go to church; and I’ve had my fun in the dating world, but now I want to meet someone that I can introduce to my family?

Dating is an exercise in trading information. We can all carry on polite conversation– but how many people do you actually like hanging out with? If you are a college grad, you won’t even relate to 75% of the U.S. population, so let’s face it, finding someone of the opposite sex, who is available and that you can connect with (beyond just appearances) after age 21 is not easily done. When clocks start ticking and you are feeling like windows of opportunities are closing, I think it’s time to just be honest and not waste time– get to the hard stuff sooner rather than later. Just remember, no one is perfect; we all have baggage– you just need to find someone whose baggage is compatible with yours.