Guys, Valentine’s Day is coming up and I get most of you are dreading it.  What is meant to be a fun holiday, for some, is filled with pressure to make this a super special day.  I’m all for minimizing stress, so here are some basic tips:
(1) unless you are planning to cook, make a dinner reservation now, don’t wait until the last minute if you plan to get into any decent restaurants on V-Day;
(2) get a card and either a box of chocolates or flowers- no need for both, but you have to show some basic knowledge and respect for certain traditions; and
(3) dress nicely for the big day- no need to break out a tux, but shower, shave and put on a nice clean outfit before your date.

I am not saying these are bullet proof tips, but hopefully it is enough to help you stay in your sweetheart’s good graces.  (And feel free to point out to them the blog I wrote with tips for women of V-day).

Now, for those of you dating high-maintenance women, let me just be clear that these types tend to fall into 2 categories: (1) those of us that recognize we are high-maintenance and (2) those that are oblivious to the fact that they’re high maintenance. If your girlfriend falls into the latter category, I honestly cannot publicly share my comments on that subject so I’m leaving on your own to deal with that situation. But, those of you with girlfriends that fall into the former category are actually in luck– especially if you are just willing to ask for guidance.

Those of us that know we are not easy to shop for will gladly help you out. The way I see it, being a good girlfriend means trying your best to make your partner’s life easier, not more difficult. I am happy to clue people into what I like, or even better, I am happy to skip the gift-giving dilemma all together and just do something fun. An activity will never get lost or stolen, it cannot be returned, exchanged or re-gifted. If you are spending quality time, bonding and making fun memories with the one you love– what could be better?

So, just to recap, if you stick to my 3 basic suggestions above, you should be safe. If you are feeling lost, ask for some suggestions. If someone rips your head off for not being clairvoyant and figuring out the perfect scenario, consider that your Valentine’s gift– the best clue ever to run away while you still can!

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.