V-Day is less than two weeks away, and while guys are busy making dinner reservations and arranging for flower deliveries that will cost them 3 times the normal rate, it is indeed a good girlfriend’s duty to figure out what she can do for her significant other. Here are some suggestions:

1. tickets to a sporting event;
2. a framed picture of you together;
3. bake something special for him;
4. book an activity together;
5. get him an article of clothing or cufflinks;
6. make him a CD mix;
7. guys like toys– electronic gadgets like an ipad, games, etc.; or
8. lingerie that you get to model and he gets to enjoy.

Let’s talk about option #8, because the rest are rather self-explanatory. Now some guys are very specific about what they like or don’t like to see on women. If this is truly a gift for him, then it is not about what you like– it is about fulfilling your partner’s fantasy. Some may be a bit shy about telling you their preferences, and you may have to take them shopping with you or pull out a Victoria Secret’s catalog, but making the effort is key.

The importance of sex in a relationship cannot be overstated. It is about intimacy, connecting, and sharing something incredibly private. When this starts to fade, you cannot ignore this problem. As a divorce attorney, I have heard hundreds of guys complain that the sex fizzled and soon after their marriages fell apart. So ladies, you can either let them start to fantasize about someone else, or you can be their fantasy chick. If that is what it takes to keep your guy, I think the choice is actually quite simple.

For those in the DC/Bethesda area, I highly recommend Sylene’s in Chevy Chase. Maybe we will run into each other in the next few days… On that note, go have some fun shopping!!!