Tomorrow on MMCTV, I get to talk about how modern technology is being used in divorce cases– GPS tracking devices, spyware, and all other sorts of ridiculous things are being used to uncover a spouse’s infidelity these days– and NOT all of that stuff is legal. So guess what– someone can spend hundreds of dollars on all this crap, and it may never be used in a courtroom if information was illegally obtained.

Post-divorce, people will spend thousands more on technology– signing up for dating sites or going through extreme “divorce makeovers” getting facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, breast implants, etc. all in order to re-enter the dating scene while feeling and looking their best. While I totally support someone’s desire to embrace all that modern medicine and the internet can offer us to help find a new love, I do wonder if it precisely this obsession with modern technology that is driving couples apart in the first place?

As a GenXer that loves to blog, tweet, text, use Facebook and LinkedIn on almost a daily basis to stay connected with so many, it may surprise you guys to hear that it is old school ways of showing affection that actually make me melt. Emails sometimes wind up in spam; texts can get sent to the wrong numbers; FB posts or likes may get missed, and if you think I’m not serious, I promise you that I have experienced all of these major technological gliches in the past few months. So how is it that a relationship can survive all these disasters in a concentrated period of time? Simple– never forget the old fashioned way of showing someone that you care for them-  pick up the phone, go to the store and actually mail a card, and even consider personally delivering a plant.

We can all text, tweet, email and send messages from the comfort of our own home or office– but I urge you every now and then to unplug from the matrix, and just consider going that extra mile. Maybe if more people did these simple, non-techie gestures more often, we’d have a lot less need for GPS devices, spyware, etc. Nothing beats the human touch to make someone truly feel loved and special.