Tonight I get to play toothfairy once again, and next month we will enjoy our traditional Breakfast with Santa at Georgetown University,, where I can finally get the 411 on what Santa needs to bring this year to score big with my son. I know the time is going to quickly come when my 9 year old will realize that the Easter Bunny, Santa and Tooth Fairy are actually all played by the same person who has been by his side since he was first a little peanut inside by belly, but I will always be grateful for the opportunity to play a magical role in the life of a child.

Other moments are perhaps not as obvious, but will continue to be magical to me for quite some time. Today is the perfect example– we ran into my ex-husband on our way to church. Afterwards, we had plans to go to lunch and so we invited him to join us. The three of us had a lovely meal, and I ran an errand while my son continued to play at nearby playground with his dad. To see how seemless our interactions can be is amazing, and I realize not everyone can do this, but the point I make with my clients is that it is quite possible to get past the anger and disappointment and restructure your family in a way that children can seamlessly flow from one loving household to another.

It is not easy to let the past go sometimes, but when you focus on your kids, somehow I find that most of my clients are able to find a way out of the darkness and into the light. We all have choices to make– those that can stay positive, upbeat and visualize good things ahead tend to make the best choices in life. I envision a world full of possiblities, especially for my generation and the ones ahead. Hopefully I am not alone, and there are many magical moments ahead for all of us.