Last week, I got to do a show with Anthony Fatemi on immigration law.  I love finding people that are passionate about their work.  This man, who is originally from Iran, came to the US, got his law degree, and over the last 15 years has built a very successful practice helping other immigrants lawfully stay in the U.S.

I liked sharing a bit about my own family history, including the fact that my grandmother came to the U.S. without any intention to stay here permanently, and as a result, she never learned English.  After about 30 years in this country, she finally decided to become a citizen.  Some may disagree with the policies that permit this for certain individuals, and to those people, all I can say is, “get over it.”

Most of our ancestors came from other countries, and while we need to protect our borders, we also need to keep in mind that this country was founded on the notion that we would be this great melting pot.  If it were not for this open arms policy, many of us would not be here today.  I hope more people will keep this in mind when we debate our immigration policies.

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By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.