I love new beginnings– probably because I view them as an opportunity for change, and creating a new and better reality.  This may be more difficult for some than others, and I admit a major factor is whether you were the driving force behind a break up versus someone who was blind sided and didn’t see the end coming.  Either way, after about a month you need to get with a new program, and here are 5 easy steps to follow:

1. New look– Go try some new lipstick, a different color eye shadow, get a new kind of haircut, and if you can treat yourself to a mani/pedi and massage.  Your body will release all that tension, and you will feel like a million bucks.

2. Shopping therapy– It actually does work.  Go invest in a new outfit that you can wear on your next hot date.  Even better, go one step further and use this as an opportunity to throw out some of that old underwear, and go get yourself some new sexy stuff.

3. Take a trip– This doesn’t have to be a lavish trip that will break the bank, but go away for the weekend with family or friends.  Get out of your environment and have some fun.  Most importantly, find a way to laugh off whatever happened in the past.  Laughter really is the best form of therapy.

4. Purge– Use that 30 day period, or however long of a break you want, to get rid of all those old photos, cards, emails, etc.  Clean up your phone and delete the past from FB, Twitter, and whatever other online crap you may have posted.

5. Just Say Yes– Whether it is an old beau that is asking you to be his date at a gala, or a new neighbor that is inviting you out for a drink, even if you are not sure you are ready, just say YES.  You have to get back out there, and it is okay to go in baby steps.  Just don’t unload on that person, and have fun.

In the end, I truly want to emphasize that each person will have to go at his/her own pace.  Don’t worry about what other people think, as long as you are honest with yourself and the other person.  If you do recycle someone from the past, which is common, you just have to realize that the old issues are probably still there.  I get that it is comfortable and safe, but be realistic– this is probably just a stepping stone to get you to the next point.

Final bit of advice: Fast as you can, let go of the ending in the last chapter, and go enjoy your new beginning!

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.