I know we are supposed to be this wonderfully evolved species, but at the end of the day let’s not forget where we came from and ignore our natural instincts.  When you are out there hunting, you need to tap into all six senses, and the more you do, I promise the more fun you will have out on the prowl.  Let me explain a little more clearly…

1. Sight– Do not minimize the importance of visual appeal, it is a  normal part of how we become attracted to someone.  Pay attention to details– are they well groomed, well dressed, well mannered?  These things all say a lot about a person, and they do matter.

2.  Sound– When you hear this person’s voice, do you find yourself melting or does it sound like nails on a chalk board?  When they laugh, does it make you want to giggle or cringe?  Their sounds should soothe you, not annoy you.

3. Smell– We all have our own individual smell, and what attracts one may repel another.  If you think their scent is offensive before they get all hot and sweaty, it will only get worse in bed.  Meanwhile, a scent that lures you will seriously bring out the animal inside when you are in the sack.

4. Touch– Some people will surprise you– they may seem cold and reserved, but then they are incredibly affectionate in private.  Behind closed doors, there are those who are incredibly gentle, while others are a bit rougher, so the reality is there is a huge range here in terms of what people like, but all you need to concern yourself with is whether their touch is pleasing to you.  This is a critical part of intimacy that cannot be ignored.

5. Taste–  How do they taste?  If they smell good, chances are they’ll taste good too, and if they don’t that is not a good thing.

6. Gut– This is what I call your 6th sense.  What does your gut tell you when you are with this person?  Every time I’ve ignored my gut I’ve regretted it.  We all have certain instincts for a reason, trust them.  They are part of our survival mechanism.  No other animal out there sits and trys to convince him/herself that a situation is safe or debates whether it is worth giving something more time– when they sense danger, they run.  You need to do the same.

I’m all for having fun while out on the prowl, but it is a jungle out there, and it is filled with danger.  To survive, tap into your animal instincts– all six wonderful senses.    With this in mind, enjoy this wonderful weekend!

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.