There are a lot of lists out there espousing the virtues of being single, and some idiot even got me a book listing all the reasons it is great to be single– but if being single is so great, let me ask you this: why is it that over 80% of Americans still believe in the importance of tying the knot???

Let’s be real, while I realize that over the last 8 years many of my married friends have often lived vicariously through me and my hilarious dating stories, they also know that I hate coming home to an empty apartment after a huge win, or receiving some great news.  The silence that follows a day full of great highs just plain sucks– and yet it is in those moments that I remember all the reasons it was so great to be married to my best friend.

For those that maybe have not yet experienced being in a great partnership, or sadly may have forgotten the positives about married life, here is a glimpse into what makes that walk down the aisle so worth while– when you do find the right one:

1. Meals Together– It really isn’t fun to eat a bowl of cereal by myself, even as entertaining as I may be in my own mind.  Seriously, being able to share a meal with a loved one is just so awesome, and something we take for granted– until it is gone.

2. Date Nights– It is so nice to just avoid the whole “scene” and be able to cook together, open a bottle of wine, and watch a movie at home any night of the week.  Knowing the x-rated activity is also guaranteed on a weekly basis with someone you love and trust is also very cool.

3. Facing Challenges– When you are part of a team, problems just seem less daunting.  It is so amazing to know that someone has your back, that you are not alone in dealing with whatever life throws your way.

4. Family Time– Being able to share special moments on holidays or vacations with someone you love– those are the memories that last a lifetime, especially once you have kids.

Sadly, you can have all of this and still have it fall apart because as the years go by, it is very easy to take each other for granted or grow apart.  Also, temptation is everywhere these days, and it’s never been harder to stay together, especially with the demands of our duel careers while juggling mulitple kids.  So, for those in need of a little reminder that the investment of our time and energy is worth it, here it is– I am telling you that it is totally worth every effort if you have found that person that totally gets you, loves you, respects you and wants you by his/her side each and every day.

Marriage is a very special union, don’t let all the stories about the singles scene mislead you.  Chasing tail, or having your tail chased, while you do your own thing each and every day, it gets old.  I actually miss married life, and despite everything I have seen and experienced, I still believe in the institution of marriage–as long as there is a long courtship and an ironclad prenup the second time around. 🙂

For all those out there making it last, just know this: you are my heroes!

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.