People communicate in different ways– some are better at expressing themselves in writing, or through music, art or dance.   Others are more comfortable sharing their sentiments verbally or through touch.  Some prefer to show their feelings through gifts, shared experiences or small acts of kindness.   Then there are those who may lack an ability to truly communicate their feelings to others.  And precisely because there is such a range in ways we can express ourselves, a lot can get lost in translation when you are not speaking the same language.

According to Dr. Chapman, the author of 5 Love Languages, the key is to first figure out what your love language is, and then find out which is your partner’s love language.  In order to successfully communicate your love you need to let your partner know what you need to feel loved, and you have to make an effort to do what your partner needs to feel that s/he is loved by you.

It takes effort to communicate effectively– to share your thoughts skillfully and hear your partner attentively.  But nothing is worth more of our effort than making sure our love is successfully received by our intended recipients.  And we also need to learn to recognize when our efforts are in vain, or our feelings are not reciprocated for nothing is more demoralizing than pursuing a lost cause.

Remember, life is a great stage, where all of our passions are played out, and it may take you a very long time to find someone that can understand and appreciate your love language, but hold out for that moment– you will know when you find it because everything will just fit perfectly, and you won’t feel like anything is being lost in translation.