Recently, it has been an interesting experience to read through past blogs and see how much of what I predicted has in fact came true, especially with my theory in 2011 that finding my dad would change my outlook on love and life.  The blog entitled “A Puzzle That Took 38 Years to Complete” was the first one to go viral, and since then so many have written to tell me how my writing has inspired them in some way.

Finding my family was not an easy journey, but then again, nothing worth while in my life ever came easily.  And in trying to go back further, I’ve been re-reading some of my earlier writings.  It really is as if I left myself some notes in the event my older self ever faltered or lost hope.  Now perhaps you may not have left yourself written clues the way I did, but maybe look back at old photos, or go back home and try to retrace some of your steps to reconnect with your younger self.  Who knows what you will find?

Here is an old poem I wrote in 1991, which I have never shared with anyone.  It really all makes so much sense now…


Walking along the beach-
not a soul in sight
There was a beautiful peacefulness
as the moon’s light glistened in the water.
Too there was a touch of sadness-
a melancholic hue
on the tranquil colored canvas.

Alone, it became clear
the image before my eyes
was but a reflection
of deeper, darker depths.

The moon represented the guiding light in my life,
the sea was the uncertainty of the future.
I would need to captain my own ship and maintain hope–
hope that I would overcome the darkness and reach the light.

While I was filled with faith, there was a sadness too
for the journey was long and lonely,
and I realized then what lay before me
was a life full of wonders and joy,
but I would need to learn to live
a life with great moments of solitude.

I guess my 19 year old self nailed it.  Hope you can go find a message that your younger self may have left you in a time of great need– it is there, you just need to find it!