Ah-ha moments are pretty common in the divorce process.  One of my favorites, is that moment when you realize that you can do something you previously relied on your ex to do for you.  Mine involved the incineration of a hive of wasps, which I discovered inside the grill just as I was about to host my last BBQ at the marital home.

My initial reaction was to call my ex for help, but he responded by saying, “if we were still together, I would run home and take care of this for you. But since you are my estranged wife, you need to deal with this on your own. I suggest you light the grill with the top down and run until it’s all over.”

I’ve actually treasured this story for years, but never wrote about it until this week.  The full story about what happened was just published by Splitopia, and here is the link:




By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.