Valentine’s Day, which some have reclaimed as Single Awareness Day is just a few weeks away– and there is still plenty of time to make a plan with or without a significant other.  In past years when I was single I would always treat myself to something and make an effort to celebrate with friends, mainly because I believe the day is about celebrating love, not just a romantic partnership.

Whether you treat yourself to a fun yoga class, a massage, a new outfit, some chocolates or a night at the movies, the point is to make sure you recognize Valentine’s Day for yourself in some way.  Why? Because the saying is true- you are not going to find the right love until you learn to love yourself.  And beyond that, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to acknowledge and be grateful for all the loved ones in your life, even if you have not yet found your forever person.

For those of you that are fortunate enough to have a special someone to celebrate the day with, I urge you to share with each other your expectations for celebrating the day together.  Don’t assume that the other person can read your mind or that some spending limit you have in mind is simply understood without actually being spoken.  Do you want to go out or stay in?  Do you want flowers and chocolates, or do you prefer something else?  Have an open discussion about your needs and wants, this way you’re sure not to be disappointed.

Whatever you decide to do I hope it brings you joy, and that beyond Valentine’s Day you continue to make an effort to allow past disappointments to fade while you nurture those relationships that help love find its way into your heart.

By Regina A. DeMeo