Using Private Investigators in Family Law Cases

Regina DeMeo, a top family law attorney in Maryland and DC interviews Ken D'Angelo, the founder of Target Investigations, which is based in the DC Area and specializes in assisting law firms and individuals with surveillance and gathering evidence for cases involving infidelity, custody, or claims of addiction. Ken explains tactics used as well as common mistakes clients should avoid.

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A Roadmap To Navigate the Divorce Process

Regina DeMeo, a top family law attorney in Maryland and DC interviews Sandra Radna, an experienced matrimonial lawyer in NYC, who recently authored the book "You're Getting Divorced... Now What?" They discuss the importance of having a plan and controlling one's emotions, as well as what to expect from judges and your attorney. Having the right expectations is key, including understanding that it's a long game, not a short game.

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Tips For Thriving Post-Divorce

Regina DeMeo a divorce attorney in Maryland and DC interviews Dr. Elizabeth Cohen aka the "Divorce Doctor" in NYC. Dr. Cohen explains the difference between working with a divorce coach and a psychologist. Therapists are able to not just focus on crisis management, but can help you take a deeper look into your behaviors and the past in order to focus on what you really need to thrive. Accepting the marriage is over, and moving forward is ultimately the only logical way forward. Together, they share some dating tips, including checking on past tax liens, divorces or criminal records for any potential new partner. Know what it is you need, and hold out for the love you deserve.

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Exiting A Toxic Relationship

Regina DeMeo, a top family law attorney in MD and DC with over 20 years of experience, interviews psycho-therapist Robin Tucker, who provides 6 key indicators you are in a toxic relationship and explains the importance of no-contact after you exit. To help you heal and move forward, Robin provides several resources.

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Leaving a Narcissist and Post-Separation Abuse

Regina DeMeo, a top divorce attorney in Maryland and DC, interviews Tina Swithin, founder of One Mom's Battle and author of Divorcing a Narcissist. Together they discuss the tactics people with a high conflict personality use post-separation to abuse those that leave them, especially when there is a custody battle. People need to document the harassment, stalking, financial abuse and any parental neglect as part of a long-game strategy and be prepared for attempts at isolation and on going legal abuse.

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Post-separation Parenting Tips

Regina DeMeo, a top divorce attorney in Maryland and DC interviews Rich Heller, a parenting coach who shares tips for parents that are separated or plan to separate after the holidays. Together, these professionals provide parents with insight into major pitfalls to avoid for the sake of the children.

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Navigating the Legal Options For Families in Transition

Regina DeMeo a top divorce attorney in Maryland and DC, interviews Heidi Webb, founder of Consilium Divorce Consultations in MA. They discuss the process for negotiating a prenup, determining if divorce is the right path for a couple & best options for completing that process. Heidi describes the inspiration for her transition from litigation to mediation/alternate dispute resolution for families and the services her firm provides for families that are restructuring.

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Helping Kids with Speech Issues

Regina DeMeo a top Maryland and DC divorce attorney interviews Gabriele Nicolet, the founder of Speech Kids in the DC Area, whose company has completely pivoted during COVID to online sessions with families in need of assistance. Gabriele encourages families not to wait if they believe their children have any speech issues. Speech Kids focuses on early intervention with children under the age of 5.

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