With almost a week left before the big day, some will find themselves dreading this artificially created holiday, unable to make any plans, and feeling quite unmotivated to buy any gifts or cards. Feelings can only be ignored for so long, and unfortunately it is often at milestone moments like anniversaries, holidays or V-Day that we have to come to terms with how we truly feel in any given relationship. If you are not looking forward to sharing this day of love with someone, it is hard to ignore the question: why not?

Love is built on trust, respect and intimacy. It is something we all have to keep working at through open communications. Like a garden that needs tending, you have to keep putting an effort into those relationships that matter, and when issues about trust, respect or intimacy come up– do not ignore them. Many dilude themselves into thinking some issues will blow over or they are not as big as they seem. Letting time to pass is doing nothing to rectify problems, which ultimately cannot be ignored, particularly when special events come up.

So, if you find yourself of the verge of a break-up around this time, know that you are in good company. Then be honest with yourself in terms of deciphering whether the issues in this relationship can be addressed and whether this is a relationship worth fixing. It is hard to separate things out, but as best you can, try to ask yourself whether you actually like being with that person or do you just like the idea of being in a relationship? If it is the latter, just remember there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Break ups are hard, but relationships are not meant to be a source of pain. Sometimes, we simply have to cut someone loose in order to get to a better place.