Soon you’ll be getting save the dates as the season for galas and weddings goes into full gear.  Some of you will dread sending in that rvsp because you have a hang-up about going to things stag.  Let me say right off the bat: get over it.

Going stag can be a ton of fun!  Since I got divorced years ago, I’ve had to go to countless events on my own– weddings, funerals, showers, anniversaries, even galas all without a date, and it has all worked out just fine.  Here is why:

1. No need to babysit– it’s actually a drag when you have to babysit someone at a party.  It is so much easier to work a room by yourself.

2. Not playing arm-candy– when you are there without a date, you can talk (and leave with) whomever you want.

3. No limitations– if someone wants to set you up with a friend, and meanwhile someone else is asking you out for a date the following week, you can take advantage of all the options out there.

4. Come & go as you please– if you want to show up on time, it’s all under your control, and if you want to leave early because you are tired or stay late because you are having a blast, no need to compromise with anyone else.

5. Zero external guilt– if you ate too much, drank too much, had a random hookup or need to nurse a bad hangover the next day, there’s no one there the next day to give you any crap.

People will talk to you if you show up somewhere stag, and if they don’t initiate, you can use the opportunity to become more outgoing and approach others.  Fact is if you are attractive and engaging, there will be plenty of options that will present themselves.  So get over whatever hang-up you have about going stag, and go have some fun, where the only limits are those you impose on yourself!

By Regina A. DeMeo, Esq.