One of my friends told me the other day how much he admired my courage in sharing my story about finding my family. Without hesitating, I responded that it had nothing to do with courage– to me there is no other justification for the long and difficult journey I had to travel unless I could live to tell the tale and hopefully inspire others in their own lives.

Throughout life what I have enjoyed the most are people’s stories. You have all taught me so much by sharing your experiences with me. Granted, in my professional life, I hear some of the sadest tales ever, and yet I am filled with hope as my clients manage to put the past behind them, overcome their sorrows, and look to the future with the promise of better days ahead. I think my own father said it best, “life is not easy, but you have to keep fighting.” Recently, my own brother told me the same thing.

In order to find the strength to keep moving forward, sometimes we all need a little help and inspiration. I used to think I had to be a self-sufficient island, but I have humbly learned these past few years that I cannot do everything alone. We need each other– both to share in moments of joy and help cope with life’s sorrows. By sharing our stories with others, we can hopefully gain a better understanding of one another and learn from each other’s mistakes and success stories. Our stories bind us, and together we can help make the journey that lies ahead seem far less daunting and lonely.