It is hard to believe how much can transpire in just one year. This same time last year, while putting away my holiday decorations, I came across my uncle’s business card, which he had given to me 20 years ago when we first met. Who could have ever guessed that after all these years I’d saved that card, that his restaurant would still be open, and that he would still be working there?

Last year when I reached out to my uncle, I was essentially an orphan. I had no idea if my father was even alive or if any of his relatives would be open to meeting with me. The fact that everything worked out the way it did, and that we could all spend our first family Christmas together is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes, and I am so glad my uncle lived to see his amazing act of kindness come to fruition.

Obviously I cannot predict what will happen in the case of others that might decide to go in search of their biological parents or reach out to some estranged family members, and I am certainly not trying to provide false hope by sharing my story. The point I want to make, at least for today, is that a lot can change in just one year. By going out on a limb, and letting others into our lives, fate may just surprise us with a story that actually has a happy ending. In my case, after all this time, for however brief a moment it might be, I actually got to become daddy’s little girl.