This week, I had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser for The Esperanza Education Fund, which is a non-profit that raises scholarship funds to distribute to immigrant students in the DC Area. They rely solely on volunteers to help with outreach, grant writing, fundraising, mentoring, reviewing applications, etc. For anyone interested in donating funds or time, the website is:

Scholarship funds are particularly dear to me because as most of my friends know, when I was 14 I received an Albert G. Oliver scholarship available to gifted NYC minority students to attend boarding school. The gift of that education changed my life, and it is why I am so passionate about donating so much of my time to education.

Whatever cause you come across that matters to you, I urge you get involved and try to make a difference within your own communities. Especially during these difficult economic times when funds are less available and resources are being cut for so many, it is important that we work together to support those in need– and it does not have to be with donations, it can just be a few hours of your time. I also think it is a great learning opportunity for young children to realize the value of giving back to society, for truly I can’t recall a more appropriate time in my lifetime to question what is it that we can do for our country rather than ask what it is that our country can do for us.