These days, certain politicans have been making headings due to their issues with impulse control, but the truth is based on what I have seen, we could all use a lesson on learning to rein in our emotions. Especially with the rise and speed of modern technology, we have to make ourselves stop and think of the consequences of putting something in writing, posting things on Facebook, or sending lewd pictures via the internet, Twitter, etc.

Here are 3 questions we should ask ourselves before communicating something in the heat of the moment:

1. Does this really need to be sent now? If the answer is no, then wait until your are a little calmer.

2. Can I stand by this statement? In other words, will I embarrassed if this message is read by others?

3. What is the point of sending the message? Make sure there is in fact something worth saying, otherwise don’t bother.

Quite recently, I met a woman who wanted her ex to know exactly how poorly she thought of him, and despite everyone’s recommendation that she not send an email, she was convinced that she had to this for her own sake. I guess if she felt it had to be sent, that she could stand by her comments, and that it served some purpose, then she did the right thing, but if she thinks it will at all resonate with him, I am willing to bet he will only think about it long enough to hit “delete.” He has already moved on, and so should she. As one wise observer remarked, in the end, what we all need to preserve is our dignity.