Today I had the privilege of lecturing to Georgetown Law students about alternate dispute resolution methods, including the Collaborative Process. Afterwards, a student approached me and asked whether this has been marketed in the GLTB (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender) community. I honestly do not believe it has been promoted within that community, but of all people that might benefit from this confidential process that seeks a fair resolution outside of the court system, I would imagine the members of the GLBT would be my ideal candidates– especially as my office is in Dupont Circle.

I am not sure how one can spread the word about this process to the GLBT community, but I imagine blogging about it and spreading the word through social media would be a great first step. So, I encourage anyone who has a friend, family member or acquaitance in that community to share this idea with them. Unlike marriage, which has to be recognized by a state according to laws that not all of us may agree with, the Collaborative Process is open to anyone that wishes to settle a dispute outside of court looking at fairness standards that go beyond what the law may recognize or require.

Good ideas can arise from the most amazing places, and I truly appreciate the fact that this student spoke up in class today. Learning institutions that promote an open discussion and exploration of new ideas are truly special, and all the students in today’s class were a great inspiration for me. I only hope that I was also one for them as I shared with them my explanation of the paradigm shift from litigator to mediator/collaborator using my own personal story as the best example for how that can happen. GU you made my day!